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60W Soldering Station
60W Soldering Station
60W Soldering Station (In Stock)
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High frequency, high efficiency, Large Display, ESD Safe
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Product Specification Description
Product Specification for "60W Soldering Station"
Operating Voltage:           AC220V 50HZ / AC110V 60HZ
 Soldering iron output voltage:  AC24V
 Maximum instantaneous power: 60W
 Temperature stability (no load):± 2 ° C
 Tip to Ground Resistance: <2 OHM
 Tip to Ground Potential: <2mV
 Dimensions:  L 170 is × W120 × H93?
 Temperature correction:  Potentiometer correction

 Soldering iron Model:  BK907
 Heating core Model:  1321 ceramic heating element
 Handle line:  1.3m
 Applicable tip:  900M / 900L
 Iron stand Model:  BK506
Product Description for "60W Soldering Station"
Product Features:
? Hand Ping lightweight, long-term use will not feel tired; 
? special set screw fixed temperature, fine determined temperature; 
? split design, display easy to choose a variety of tip, and easy to replace; 
? general and anti-static type two Species, in order to meet different work purposes;