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ESD Apron, Yellow
ESD Apron, Yellow
ESD Apron, Yellow (In Stock)
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Product Specification Description
Product Specification for "ESD Apron, Yellow"

1)Formulation  100% polyester+conductive fabric or cotton + conductive fibre
2) Size: Medium/Large
3) Standard weight: 120g/m²
4) Conductive fabric distance strip (5mm), grid(5mm)
5) Surface-resistant 1x106-1x108O
6) Static decay time: <0.17 sec
7) Washing: 30°C water or normal dry clean
8) Lifespan: 100 repetitive washing
9) Applying cleanroom: 100-10000 class
10) Fabric electric charge density: =3uc/m²
11) Bearing pull: 29.4N (newton)
12) Standard: GB12014-89
13) Cleanroom available: 100-1000 class
14)Suitable to male and female, the material ismade from ester fibre
with filament and imported conductive fibre
15) Area of static and sensitive, clean andpurification area of C10-C10000
16) Effective removing the static
17) Advanced techniques, special constructionand dust free
18) You will feel comfortable when wearingcoverall, and endurable when washing
19) Materials from anti-static 5mm-strip, 5mm-grid

Product Description for "ESD Apron, Yellow"

The ESD antistatic Apron made with ESD chemical-resistant fabric (FCRF) is ideal for clean room 

environment, especially where there are chemical related products are used and handled.  There is special PU coating on ESD clean room fabric, and we do laminating thin chemical-proof film on the top of the coating to achieve maximum chemical resistant properties. The ECRF can protect people from and potential risks to be exposed in dangerous and harmful chemicals and will also provide you with particle and ESD safe working circumstances at the same time.