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BAKON BK3500 Auto feeder
BAKON BK3500 Auto feeder
BAKON BK3500 Auto feeder (In Stock)
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Product Specification Description
Product Specification for "BAKON BK3500 Auto feeder"
Model BK3500
Temperature Range 200~500°C
Temp .Stability ±2
Tin Adjustable YES
Input Voltage AC220V
Max Power 120W
Tip to Ground Resistance <2O
Tip to Ground Potential <2mV
Feeding Speed : Approximate 14mm/s~ 35mm/s
Feeding Volume : 0.5 ~ 123mm (Auto Mode)
Feeding Interval Time : 0 ~3.5s Diamond of

Product Description for "BAKON BK3500 Auto feeder"
BK3500 Soldering Station with Self feeder

? High frequency current heating ; Rapid heating and quick thermal recovery, suitable for lead free soldering.
Many types of tips are available for replacements.

? Micro computer control; set temperature only by pressing keys; temperature calibrated digitally; more  functions  available, such as auto sleeping, auto shut-off.

? Auto and manual soldering wire feeding are optional. Using Imported motor, feeding speed, feeding volumes,
interval time could be regulated.

?Two types of feeding hose optional, easy to use. Long hose suitable for fixed soldering.

? Pedal switch or manual switch to choose. Soldering direction may be changed as needed and soldering can be
agile and convenient.