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ESD Wrist Strap M
ESD Wrist Strap M
ESD Wrist Strap M (In Stock)
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Product Description for "ESD Wrist Strap M"


Electrostatic Discharge (ESD) can damage module components, causing complete or intermittent operational failures. ESD can occur when a module is improperly handled. Use an ESD wrist strap whenever you open the equipment, particularly when you are handling modules. To work properly, the wrist strap must make good contact at both ends (that is, with your skin at one end and with the chassis at the other).

We have blue ESD wrist straps available with an included alligator clip, useful for assisting in preventing electrostatic discharge. You can apply light pressure to remove the alligator clip and reveal a banana plug. Our ESD wrist straps with banana plugs will connect to our common ground points, which host two banana plug receptacles and can allow two technicians to work on a PC build at one time. Proper use of the ESD wrist strap with common ground point will help protect against electrostatic discharge while building computers. The blue ESD wrist strap uses a stretchy cable to give more mobility for system builders.